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Secret Garden at CCHU comes back to life

“Hidden behind the treatment room of the CCHU is a little oasis of calm. It catches the sun and attracts the birds. The estates department have done their best to keep it under control but it had become overgrown and needed some care and love. During ‘lockdown’ two volunteers, Frances and James, came forward to restore the garden and make it a place of joy once again. They have cleared the ivy where it was smothering the plants and allowed the sunlight in. They plan new and restored seating areas, feeding stations for the birds and fresh planted areas. All will be visible from within the treatment area and they hope the garden will be enjoyed by staff and patients alike. An overgrown crab apple tree, planted in memory of a much loved surgeon at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Peter McArthur, has been pruned and given space to breathe. It is to be the centre of a ‘wild corner’ popular with the birds.

This project is supported by the CCHF

Photograph L to R: Brendan from estates department, James and Frances

Written by on 15.12.20

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