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Cancer Care & Haematology Fund
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Supporting Bucks For More Than 30 Years


Our Work Couldn't Happen Without You

Together We Make The Difference

All funds from your donations and the efforts of our incredible fundraisers are gratefully received by CCHF and go towards helping cancer and haematology patients in Buckinghamshire.

We achieve this through the generous giving of time by all our Trustees and volunteers. So, you can rest assured funds raised will be used to benefit the support and comfort of patients.

Looking to the Future

Understanding Ever Evolving Needs

Thanks to you we have funded exceptional treatment and wellbeing spaces for patients at NHS Trust facilities in Buckinghamshire, specifically the CCHU at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Our board of experienced and passionate Trustees are continually looking at where our help is needed most.

We are in regular discussions with the staff in CCHU and the NHS Trust about how best to support both staff and patients, particularly as the services recover from the impact of Covid 19 in 2020 and 2021.

Where we plan to help next:

Next Goal
Scalp Coolers for patients at CCHU and Sunrise Unit
Raise £50,000+
Future Goal
Wig Service for Buckinghamshire patients during 2022
Raise £25,000

Collective Passion
Singular Vision

The Cancer Care and Haematology fund (CCHF) was set up as a registered charity in 1990 to raise funds to help patients diagnosed with Cancer and Haematology related illnesses by funding the build of the Cancer Care and Haematology Unit at SMH.

We are very grateful to the past and present Trustee team and volunteers for their efforts and their passion in support of this charity.

If you would like to join this team and support the charity in some way, please contact us.

Charity Trustees

A formal role, supporting the aims of the charity and bringing life and work experience to the Board.

Ann Sibly
Dr Ann Watson FRCP FRCPath
Chair of Trustees

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Paul Graham 016_5988 square-1
Paul Graham
Treasurer Trustee

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Dr Nick Bates
Dr Nick Bates MA, PhD, MRCP, FRCR

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Dr Helen Eagleton
Dr Helen Eagleton FRCP FRCPath

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Dr Andy Theobald
Dr Andy Theobald FRCGP

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Joe Browning 017_0782 small square-1
Dr Joe Browning BM BCH DPhil MRCP FRCPath

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Marie Pennell
Marie Pennell

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Mike Snell 017_0682 small square-1
Mike Snell

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Trustee Support Team

Volunteers with time and skills to help with occasional workloads, like publicity material, social media, marketing and communications.

Susan Harman
Susan Harman

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Chris Lowe
Chris Lowe

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Mr Richard Atfield
Richard Atfield

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David Lidington square
Rt Hon Sir David Lidington

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Special Mentions

June Wilson
June Wilson OBE
Founding Trustee

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Late Lord Carrington
Lord Carrington KG
Former Patron

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Our Ambassadors!

Individuals who are willing to raise awareness of CCHF aims and achievements as part of their day-to-day contacts and activities.

Alvin rocks Elvis for the charity!

Alvin Printwhistle - best known in the Aylesbury Vale and beyond as Elvis Presley impersonator Alvin : the Ultimate Elvis Tribute – has become our first Ambassador.

Alvin has been a huge supporter of CCHF for nearly 20 years and has so far raised more than £50,000 towards supporting patients and staff at the Cancer Care & Haematology Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and the Sunrise Unit at High Wycombe Hospital.

Little did Alvin know when he first started raising cash for CCHF that he himself would need to be treated at the unit in Stoke Mandeville. In 2015 he was diagnosed with lymphoma – a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system – but with treatment Alvin is now in full remission and able to live normally.

Alvin explains: “As result of my experience, I decided to set about raising money for others that, however unfortunate, might follow in my stead and have to undergo treatment at the CCHU at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The patients that I came into contact with during my time there came from all around and this made me realise that treatment wasn’t only being given to those in the Aylesbury area, but also to those from much further afield, thus highlighting the importance of fund raising for the unit,” he says.


Alvin is not alone in his endeavours. He is strongly supported by his wife Yvonne, who not only organises and supports her husband's charitable efforts, but also raises money in her own right – not just for CCHF but also for other local charities. They're very much a team!

Not only does Alvin raise money for CCHF but he regularly gives talks to communities in Buckinghamshire about the charity's work and is able to relate cancer treatment to his own personal circumstances.

Alvin's illness, followed by the coronavirus pandemic, has had a big impact on his business and he has been unable to work or raise substantial amounts of money for charity since the end of 2019, but he is slowly getting back to normal with lots of gigs and events planned for 2022 and beyond.

We are grateful to Alvin and Yvonne for their fundraising work and we're very privileged to have him as an Ambassador for CCHF.


Could you be a CCHF Charity Ambassador?

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Charity Partners

Organisations who adopt CCHF for a period of time and raise funds for our cause.

Aylesbury United FC
2021/22 Season

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The History of the Charity

The Cancer Care and Haematology Fund is a charity set up to help those with Cancer and Haematology based diseases.

The Charity was initially formed in 1990 to help raise money to build and open a specialist unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the Cancer Care and Haematology Unit (CCHU). CCHF continues to provide financial support for projects which benefit patients cared for at the CCHU, the Sunrise Unit and in community settings across Buckinghamshire and nearby counties.

The unit is a unique stand-alone facility designed and purpose-built to provide a wide range of outpatient and day-case treatments for patients with cancer, including blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma. Patients with non-malignant blood problems such as clotting and bleeding disorders, various forms of anaemia, immune problems and haemoglobinopathies, are also investigated and cared for in the CCHU. By providing treatment locally, patients who previously had to stay in hospital could be treated as day patients while leading normal lives in their own homes.

The unit opened in January 2001, allowing both oncology and haematology to be brought together under one roof. With additional funds contributed by CCHF the unit was extended in 2007, and in recent years that provision has expanded with some aspects of care delivered in community settings closer to patient’s homes, including in Marlow and Thame.

Part of the more than £1 million raised through the initial fundraising by June Wilson and team was a £300,000 donation from The Wooden Spoon Society. The unit was officially opened by Princess Royal in 2001, and the CCHU was referred to as ‘Wooden Spoon Society Family Cancer Care and Haematology Unit’. At that time The Princess Royal was Patron of the Wooden Spoon Society, a Rugby Union charity.

While some people were a little shocked at linking the term ‘wooden spoon’ [the Rugby Union losers award] to those being treated for cancer, many patients found it ironic and amusing. When the building was extended, the name simplified to the Cancer Care and Haematology Unit, but many current patients and relatives of those who have been treated there still fondly refer to it as ‘the Wooden Spoon’.

All the outpatient services and treatments given in the CCHU at Stoke Mandeville and described above are also provided in the Sunrise Unit at Wycombe hospital. Since the merger of the two hospitals, the cancer and haematology services have become one. Many of the staff work at both hospitals. The complex inpatient services needed to support the treatment of cancer and haematology patients are now concentrated in Ward 5 at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

The cancer education, information and support service provides people affected by cancer with quality and comprehensive information and support. The service is staffed by Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Facilitators and is supported by trained volunteers.

A drop-in service is available at the unit in Stoke Mandeville from Monday to Friday, 09.30am – 4pm. There is also a dedicated phone line and voicemail for the service on 01296 316954.

At High Wycombe Hospital, an outreach information service is available at the Sunrise Cancer Unit on the 5th floor of the hospital. A drop-in service is available on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, 10am – 1pm.

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