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Cancer Care & Haematology Fund
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Could you be a Charity Ambassador for the
Cancer Care & Haematology Fund?

The Cancer Care & Haematology Fund (CCHF) are seeking individuals who would like to become our Charity’s Ambassadors – people who are looking for a way to support the charity which fits into their everyday work and life.

Ambassadors may have been affected by cancer personally or through a close relative or friend. They are willing to use that experience alongside their business and personal connections to tell others of the work of the Fund and encourage fundraising for the cause.

Ways our Charity Ambassadors could help us

  • Share CCHF social media posts through their own social media channels
  • Write guest personal stories as CCHF blog posts where appropriate
  • Raise awareness of CCHF at networking events
  • Encourage their organisation to participate in CCHF fundraising activities
  • Use speaking opportunities at events to raise the profile of CCHF
  • Help CCHF find Charity Partners and Ambassadors for wider awareness and fundraising opportunities
  • Offer advice and suggestions about the activities of CCHF, e.g. website, fundraising, communications, marketing, when within their skills and knowledge.

Are you interested?

As a CCHF Charity Ambassador it is often about the little things - the chance mentions, bringing your links with CCHF into conversations, sharing your passion for CCHF aims. Could you do that?

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