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June Wilson 2.4.39-1.4.20

It is with great sadness that we pass on the news that June, who will be well known to many of you, died this week. She passed away on the chest ward, in the hospital at Stoke Mandeville which she loved and served loyally for so many years. Her daughter Lesley was at her side.

Fewer people may know that it was as the Sister in charge of the chest ward that her career at SMH began, before she moved to ward 1X (general medicine and haematology). She later became the first Nurse Specialist in charge of the Chemotherapy Treatment area when the new Cancer Care and Haematology Unit opened in 2000.

It was June’s tireless work fundraising to build the CCHU that made her so widely known, far beyond the hospital. Whilst treating haematology patients on ward 1x, she became determined that all cancer patients should receive the best up-to-date treatment, close to home, and in caring, comfortable surroundings. It was June’s vision and drive that led to the setting up of a registered charity, the Cancer Care and Haematology Fund, which campaigned for the stand alone building we now have and raised the necessary funding.

June had the ability to bring along with her colleagues, friends and many generous local people, with a mixture of charm and enthusiasm. She also had a persistence and steely determination which could not easily be refused! She was admired and widely loved by her many supporters and has never ceased to care about the Unit, and indeed the wider hospital, where she worked for so many years.  She was still involved, right up to her death, and still thinking about how to secure the best treatment for local people. She had passionately hoped to see an expansion of the unit, as workload increased and space within the building became under increasing pressure. The well-being of the staff who continue to provide such excellent care was also very important to her. She took an affectionate pride in seeing the nurses she had trained taking the service forward.

June was rewarded with the OBE in 2000 for services to Cancer Care in Buckinghamshire. It was her proudest moment, although she always insisted it was a recognition of the service as a whole and not just her contribution.

Sadly, June was predeceased by her husband Doug by only a few days, after nursing him through a difficult year of ill health. Doug had provided longterm support to June and the CCHF and we will always be grateful to him. He asked for no thanks and it was only after he had to stop that we became aware of just how much he had done for us over the years.

Our best wishes go to June and Doug’s 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

Written by on 03.04.20

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