An alphabet for all your fundraising ideas! This week: Q-Z!

We can all struggle from time to time to think of an idea for our next fundraising attempt! But not anymore, as the brains at CCHF have put together an all expansive list of ideas and events which could be used to raise money for whichever great cause you are backing.

To top it off, its even been put into a lovely, all inclusive, alphabetic list for your connivence: aren’t we great! Lets finish things off with the final few: Q through to Z!



Quiet in the workplace

This one is easy. No talking. None. Zero!


Get together with some friends or your local community and have a quiz night. Prizes for winning teams or individuals. This can be a great way to raise awareness of particular issues whilst raising money and volunteers for your charity!




Friends, family and even local businesses can all come together to put on a fantastic raffle which will provide an ideal opportunity for fundraising.


Who can read the most books? This can be done over a week, month or even (if you’re feeling particularly brave) a year! You can aware winners on number of books or even pages as reading Winnie-the-Pooh 34 times will probably beat Pride and Prejudice…


You can recycle spent ink cartridges or collect left over foreign coins from your holiday!



Soak the boss

See if you can convince your boss or work colleage’s to in the stocks and get wet! Get people to pay per sponge. Pay-back for all that overtime….


Set up a variety of stalls, from plants or cakes to recycled goods. Any sort of selling stall can create more donations than you would think possible.


This can be applied to anything. Whether you want to get people youknow to sponsor you to do something or even get a local business to buy sponsorship space on your next event.

This could be easily arranged and provides local businesses an opportunity to get involved in their local community. With CCHF you can donate directly via our Make A Donation Page!


Swim the distance for your local charity. Get sponsored per length, width…or mile!

Talent contest

This can be organised within your local hall and provide a great Christmas party or charity school event. Hold a contest to showcase the talents of your friends and family! Prizes for the winner and, even, loser!


As with the above raffle, get friends and family to donate gifts and organise a Tombola.

Treasure Hunt

This will usually be better organised in the summer, however (any excuse to misbehave in the office) you could even organise one around your place of work. Negotiate with your boss and spend an afternoon hunting for a series of clues leading to an ultimate treasure. Pay to play.

Three legged race

Again, probably better suited to the summer and outdoor pursuits. But teaming up with work colleague’s to run a 3-legged race can be an excellent opportunity to raise a tonne of money.



Ugly face pulling competition

Does this need explaining? Just don’t make them too terrible…



Virtual Silence

(We struggled with V but we pulled through!!) Virtual Silence: Resist any social media for as long as you can. This can be done on your own or on a competitive basis with work, friends and family. This will be a refreshing experience whilst raising great money for Charity.



Walk, and then some! 

Sponsored events are a fantastic way to raise money. Pick a destination and just walk on towards it.

Welly throwing competition

A Scottish (?!) classic…Put your shot put skills to the test and see how far those wellies will go.

Word search

Create a charity-themed word search and challenge your friends and family.



X-Factor Competition

Celebrate all your talents by putting on a show – Britain’s definitely got talent…somewhere. Organise your own show and invite your local community as well. This can be a fantastic way to celebrate the year or Christmas.



Yo-yo competition

Have you got a talent for yo-yoing? Then put your skill to good use and get sponsored!

Yodelling competition

Who doesn’t love a good Yodel….no just me? Well, if yodelling is your thing, then either get friends to pay you not to do it, or get sponsored instead!



Zoo quiz

Create a zoological quiz and test your friends’ and family’s knowledge of the animal kingdom.


So there you have it! 26 letters, 69 ideas across 3 epic blogs! What more could you want? (Nothing if you were wondering!)

Now there is no excuse not to have something to do when thinking of your next, first or any fundraising event! If you would like to find out how you can get involved in fundraising events for CCHF you can contact us here: Or even donate to any of our create causes here:


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