london to istanbul charity ride

London to Istanbul by bike – for charity!

Ten university graduates raised over £25000 for three British charities (including CCHF) by cycling from London to Istanbul – a distance of about 1500 miles.

The 12 cyclists who started the ride – two dropped out through injury -included Abby Webb who has helped fundraise for CCHF before. They  set out from Westminster Abbey on July 23 and arrived in Istanbul six weeks later.

The ride raised funds for Help For Heroes, Meningits Trust and the Cancer Care unit.

Abby’s Mum, Georgie Orr from Aylesbury, said they met nothing but kindness on the journey from a host of different people in the countries they passed through.

“They were particularly helped by a man they met in Rumania who turned out to be a cycling champion. He invited all of them to his home for a meal and even serviced all their bikes – absolutely free!” said Georgie.

The photo shows five of the intrepid fundraisers in Istanbul outside the Blue Mosque.

Written by on 26.02.14

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