fundriasing ideas A-H

An alphabet for all your fundraising ideas! This week: A-H!

We can all struggle from time to time to think of an idea for our next fundraising attempt! But not anymore, as the brains at CCHF have put together an all expansive list of ideas and events which could be used to raise money for whichever great cause you are backing.

To top it off, its even been put into a lovely, all inclusive, alphabetic list for your connivence: aren’t we great! Lets kick things off with A through to H…




These can be great ways to get rid of some old stuff and raise some money for charity too. Organise your own fundraising auction and sell talents as well as goods!


To stay fit and healthy, organise an aerobics-athon. Maybe with work colleague or at your local gym.



Bake off!

Who doesn’t love cakes, baking and – frankly – food! Getting friends and family together to bake can be an brilliantly tasty way to raise money.

Bad Tie day

Everyone knows someone who wears bad ties. If you don’t then you’re probably the bad tie wearer! For this event get your colleague’s to do their worst!

Beat the goalie

England might be rubbish at penalties, but buck the trend with this easy to organise event! Challenge your friends to a beat the goalie competition.

Bike ride

Easy and fun! Pick a distance, location and date and then simply get everyone you know to sponsor you.

Find out what happened when 10 University volunteer’s did a 1,500 mile sponsored cycled from London to Istanbul for CCHF! (You don’t have to go quite that far!)


Organise a bingo event – if you’re feeling creative you could even come up with your own calls for the numbers.



Charity Christmas cards

Design your own charity Christmas cards to sell to your friends and family.

Charity calendars

This could be a great opportunity for the start of each new year. Choose a theme, gather your family and friends and produce a calendar for charity!

Copper Collections for Charity

Collect all those unwanted coppers that weigh down your pockets – small change can make a big difference.



Gather all the talented people you know under one roof and put on a concert for friends and family.

Cricket match

Cricket’s not for everyone, but if its your thing why not gather your undiscovered bowlers, batters and fielders, and organise one giant Challenge your peers or teachers to a cricket match. Each team pays a fee.

Car wash

Charge your colleagues, teachers, friends and family to wash their cars.



Dress down day

An old’n but a good’n! Any excuse not to where that stuffy uniform or suit!

Disco or Dance

Why not get together with as many people you can find and put on a disco or a dance. All proceeds can go towards charity any you can even have a raffle as part of the evening. Great for all ages.



Eating competition

Who’s your money on? Get a few people who back themselves with large appetites to go head-to-head with people betting on the winners!

Egg and spoon race

Are you up for an egg and spoon challenge? Race your friends and family. No cheating now!

Egg painting competition

Don’t waste those eggs after the race – turn them into works of art. Sell them to raise money for us.



Fancy dress

Fancy dress parties are a great excuse to dress exactly how you want too…

Five-a-side football

Join a five-a-side league or create your own tournament! All participates can pay an entry fee which can go towards charity. Get your shooting boots on!


Fashion show

Put your creative talents to the test and organise a fashion show – why not use recycled clothes and make it an eco-show?

Fun run

This is easy to set up and sponsor! Or alternatively just join a local organised event and run for your favourite charity!



Guess who the baby is (from photos)

This could prove fairly embarrassing. Collect as many baby photos as you can from your colleague and then put together a prize for whom ever can guess the most correctly!


Guess the number or weight of …(balloons in a car, sweets in a jar)

A fair favourite! Get a jar or clear box and fill it with something edible!



Hula Hoop Contest

How many times can you spin the hula hoop? See if you can break the world record which currently stands at 74 hours and 54 minutes!!!


Well that should be plenty to keep you going! If you would like to find out how you can get involved in fundraising events for CCHF you can contact us here: Or even donate to any of our create causes here:

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