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Karen’s Big Smiles smiles on the young adults

Anyone suffering a terminal illness needs courage and support to face the world. Imagine how much more difficult it is if you are a young person expecting to have your life ahead of you who is diagnosed with such an illness.

Karen’s Big Smiles Charity Trust was created by the family and friends of former ITU nurse Karen Jenkins to promote awareness of a very rare form of cancer from which she suffered called Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP).

Based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, Karen’s Big Smiles Charity Trust now helps local young adults from Bucks, Berkshire or Oxfordshire who are living with life limiting conditions. It also helps their carers.

To be eligible for help, the person must be between 18 and 40 and satisfy one of these two conditions: a life-limiting condition or be in the advances stages of a progressive life-threatening condition.

The charity can help with mobility equipment, travel costs to hospices, home help, wigs, travel insurance, a will writing service, weekend breaks and respite care.

Karen’s Big Smiles works with other charities such as Helen & Douglas House, Ian Rennie Hospice At Home and South Bucks Hospice.

Charity organiser Kathie Faulkner said she started the charity because there was not enough being done for young cancer sufferers – young men and women in their 20s and 30s. “For example, providing wi fi facilities in hospices for this age group whose needs are not being properly addressed.”

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