The unit

Although part of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the unit is a unique stand-alone facility designed and purpose-built to provide a wide range of outpatient and day-case treatments for patients with cancer, including blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma.  Patients with non malignant blood problems such as clotting and bleeding disorders, various forms of anaemia, immune problems and haemoglobinopathies, are also investigated and cared for in the CCHU.

cchf front office and building

Planning of the unit started in 1989 with the aim of providing treatment locally for patients in the Stoke Mandeville Hospital catchment area (South Buckinghamshire and neighbouring parts of Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshsire) who previously had to travel to Oxford for treatment.

By providing treatment locally, patients who previously had to stay in hospital could be treated as day patients while leading normal lives in their own homes.

The unit opened in January 2001, allowing both oncology and haematology to be brought together under one roof.

Amazingly, this was achieved by the sum of £1.2 million being raised by a charitable appeal – not from central NHS funds or government grants but by the kindness and hard work of a wide range of ordinary people and corporate bodies (click here for more information).

Today, all oncology and haematology outpatients clinics take place in the unit, bringing specialists together under one roof. The most up-to-date treatment can be given by a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, clerical and support staff and volunteers.

Chemotherapy is planned and given in the unit along with supportive care such as transfusions.

Patients are guided through their treatment by our team of specialist nurses. The CCHU has always recognised the importance of surroundings and atmosphere in the successful treatment of patients and a high priority has been placed on a building which is calm, comfortable, relaxing and friendly.

The Cancer Information Centre is available on site to provide literature and practical support to patients and their families, financial advice, access to dieticians and a psychologist, support groups and even art therapy (click here for more information).

Qualified volunteers give up their time to provide complementary therapy such as massage and reflexology and others provide comfort and support in the treatment areas. (click here for more information on the Cancer Information Centre).

Sunrise Unit Wycombe Hospital

All the outpatient services and treatments given in the CCHU at Stoke Mandeville and described above are also provided in the Sunrise Unit at Wycombe hospital.  Since the merger of the two hospitals, the cancer and haematology services have become one. Many of the staff work at both hospitals. The complex in patient services needed to support the treatment of all our patients are now concentrated in Ward 5 at Stoke Mandeville hospital.  However, we still value the importance of giving treatment locally whenever possible. The Sunrise Unit at Wycombe hospital continues to provide that care, as it has done for many years, to patients living in the south of Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.