Specialist Nursing Posts funded by the CCHF

Over the years, the CCHF has funded a number of nursing posts, believing that more of our highly skilled and caring nurses enhance the quality of the service we can offer.

patient and nurse

Since 2006, the charity has funded a number of specialist nursing posts which we believe have greatly improved the service given to cancer patients and patients with blood disorders, not just in the unit but throughout the trust and out into the community.  We believe these posts raise the quality of service our nurses are able to offer above what might be expected from standard NHS provision and are something of which we are very proud.
Several of these posts have been designed to improve knowledge and the skill base of nurses who may be on the wards, in A/E or still in training.  Other posts have directly enhanced the service given within the CCHU itself.

At present we fund a specialist nurse who came to us in 2006 with skills in inserting and removing the indwelling, intravenous lines sometimes necessary for giving complex chemotherapy.  As well as extending the service, she has been able to support and train others in this valuable service.

From 2010 to 2015 the charity funded a practice development nurse who provided leadership, expert advice and continuous support for all our specialist nurses. She also provided further education and training for nursing staff working throughout the Trust who were involved with caring for patients who had cancer or blood problems, especially those requiring chemotherapy. She played an important role in strengthening partnerships with different educational services such as local universities and other organizations. This innovative post has now been absorbed and funded elsewhere within the trust.

The CCHF agreed in 2016 to fund a specialist nursing post to support the Bone Marrow Transplant service within the hospital. This intensive treatment is being increasingly used for patients with serious blood problems and the extra hours of nursing support for them and their families will be invaluable in taking them through this difficult procedure.