Future plans

The main purpose of the CCHF has always been to provide, and maintain, state of the art facilities for cancer and haematology patients, and, wherever possible, to make these as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

patient and nurse

We believe that surroundings are very important for the wellbeing of patients going through what can be a stressful and difficult experience. We have outgrown our facilities already once in our history and enlarged.

Again we feel the pressure of increasing workload and the need for more space as numbers of patients and the treatments we offer increase.  We are discussing with the hospital management how the extra space can be provided and how the charity can help.

A top priority is to provide an acute area to see patients on treatment if they run into trouble. By having the facilities to do this at short notice, and using our highly trained specialist staff in the CCHU, we can anticipate problems and intervene early, and, avoid trips to A and E, admissions to hospital and keep patients at home whenever possible. This and putting a bit more space into the treatment area and outpatients facilities are our goals for the future.

If this goes ahead we will be asking our loyal friends for more support through fundraising!  Watch this space