The charity

The Cancer Care and Haematology Fund (CCHF) (Registered Charity No 1001358) was set up in 1990 to build the CCHU. We continue to raise money to supplement NHS funding and to maintain the Unit at the forefront of good care and innovation and to plan for growth in the future.

cchf wall plaque

The Cancer Care and Haematology Unit opened in 2001.  This building, set apart from the main hospital, brought the outpatient care of patients with cancer and blood disorders together under one roof for the first time.  When it opened this was unusual, although now it has become standard practice throughout the country.

The CCHU has always prided itself on being innovative and at the forefront of good practice. Providing first-rate treatment, close to the patient’s home, in their local District General Hospital, has always been the aim of the unit.  The trustees of the CCHF are enormously proud of the outstanding reputation of the unit.  The focus of our fundraising in recent years has been to support the staff in any way we can to ensure it remains an exemplar treatment centre of real benefit to patients.

The unit has already undergone one major extension, part funded by the charity, and is again under pressure for space.  We continue to raise money to fund infrastructure projects, equipment and specialist staff.

Examples of projects funded by the charity in recent years:

Specialist nursing posts – to learn more click here

Specialist equipment – 4 monitored beds for gravely ill patients on inpatient ward, contributions to refurbishment of ward, chemotherapy pumps, scalp coolers to help prevent hair loss, state of the art videoconferencing equipment.

Structural work within Cancer Information Centre – to maximize use of space

Funding of wig provision service since 2011 –  to learn more click here