Wig Fitting Service

For many patients facing chemotherapy, the news that they may lose their hair causes great distress.

patient and nurse

The depth of this feeling is not always fully understood by others who have not gone through a similar experience. But for someone facing a shock diagnosis, possible surgery and an uncertain future – however optimistic the outcome – a changed appearance, and the advertisement to the outside world of what they are going through, can be the most traumatic thing of all.

Stoke Mandeville and Wycombe hospitals have a long tradition of providing a high-quality wig fitting service, which is accessible early on in treatment planning. For many years, the service was paid for by the hospital, but in recent years, in line with the NHS elsewhere, this funding was withdrawn. The bill was picked up in 2011 by the CCHF who have continued to cover most of the cost since and are committed to do so into the foreseeable future. This valuable and worthwhile service is dependent on continued funding by the charity via donations from public and patients. To learn more click here