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  • The charity

    The Cancer Care and Haematology Fund (CCHF) was established in 1990 and works alongside the clinical unit, raising money  from a variety of sources to supplement  its  day to day funding by the NHS and maintain it at the forefront of good care and innovation and to plan for growth in the future.

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    The unit

    Although part of Stoke Mandeville Hospital, the unit is a unique stand-alone facility designed and purpose-built to provide a wide range of outpatient and day-case treatments for patients with cancer and also for patients with non malignant blood problems such as clotting and bleeding disorders, many forms of anaemia, haemoglobinopathies and immune problems.

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    There have been many ways – large and small – in which our supporters have raised funds for us over the years, from small individual ideas to major events involving hundreds of people.  If you would like to help us, our fundraising page may give you some ideas.

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    Hello and welcome

    A diagnosis of cancer or a blood disorder changes everything: how we feel about ourselves, our health, our relationships, our livelihood and means of supporting our families, our future.

    In this new and unfamiliar landscape, the Cancer Care and Haematology Unit at Stoke Mandeville Hospital is here to help, to give hope, to treat you medically – with dignity and compassion – and, if humanly possible, to cure you.

    You may feel that you are now in a club no-one wants to join but the staff at CCHU understand just how you feel and have dedicated their professional lives to caring, curing and controlling diseases such as yours.

    This website aims to tell you more about the CCHU and its work and to show you how to find out as much information as possible about your illness and treatment.

    Latest article

    Local legend Alvin Printwhistle supports CCHF

    Local much loved music legend, Elvis impersonator and all round entertainer, Alvin Printwhistle,  has dedicated himself to raising money for the CCHF as a thank you for the treatment and support he received with us last year. He writes more about his experiences in the unit and his future fundraising plans,  on his website http://www.alvin.co.uk/ Alvin […]


    Other recent articles

    Support the CCHF through the Vale Lottery……

    The CCHF has now joined the Vale lottery- a weekly lottery, just 12 weeks old, that directly supports local good causes. 58% of ticket sales go straight to your chosen good cause. The rest goes to prizes and admin costs.  Only £1 per week gives a chance of winning up to £20,000 and numerous smaller […]

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    Becky’s Bears – buy a Teddy Bear to support the wig fund!

    For ladies who lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy, CCHU has a free wig service. Becky Cooper was one patient who benefited from this service. This is her story in her own words.

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    London to Istanbul by bike – for charity!

    Ten university graduates raised over £25000 for three British charities (including CCHF) by cycling from London to Istanbul – a distance of about 1500 miles.

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    Karen’s Big Smiles smiles on the young adults

    Anyone suffering a terminal illness needs courage and support to face the world. Imagine how much more difficult it is if you are a young person expecting to have your life ahead of you who is diagnosed with such an illness.

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    Richard’s Half Marathon run raises £478

    Dr Richard Smith, who is a junior paediatrics doctor at Stoke Mandeville Hospital training to be a GP, has raised the princely sum of £478 for CCHF by running a half marathon.

    Richard ran the race in Birmingham in a terrific time of 1hr 42.20.

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