Tesco’s Community Room leads to Community donation for CCHF!

Talk about ‘every little helps‘! The CCHF’s local Tesco based in Aylesbury has kindly donated a fantastic sum to celebrate its store refresh and the opening of their much anticipated Community Room!

An improvement has been made to the Aylesbury, Broadfield Tesco store. Many of its key features have been improved to enhance the ability of its staff to ‘serve Aylesbury’s customers a little better every day’! The refresh includes improvements to key sections such as the Bakery, Fresh Fruit & Veg and a more open-plan are for their Clothing range.

However the biggest and most significant feature is the fantastic addition of the Community Room! Now open 6 days a week, this exciting new feature is available to the entire community completely free of charge! This brand new space will allow our local communities to get together and enjoy classes and activities such as:

  • Fundraising idea sessions.
  • Knitting classes.
  • Ante-natal classes.
  • Music lessons.
  • Whatever customers get together for, they can do it in this welcoming, spacious and free community space.

Amazingly, Broadfield’s Community Room is able to house groups of 15-20 people with excellent internal facilities providing a clean, safe and fully furnished environment for all groups and organisations to enjoy. The room can be booked for regular or ad hoc meetings and events and is available from morning through to the evening.


Tesco’s Donation!

As part of this complete store refresh, Tesco Broadfield have very generously donated £1000 to the CCHF! This exciting sum of money is another example of our fantastic local heroes who are supporting the CCHUnit at Stoke Mandeville. Illustrating the continuing efforts of the CCHFund and its ambassadors, Tesco’s local Community Champion, Nicole James said:

“The idea is to get together in our community space, (and) customers can start Creating and Growing with our local community.”


To find out more about this great new feature at the Broadfield Tesco, contact Nicole James on 07514095367 or email to see booking availabilities!

If you would like to see how you could get involved with fundraising with CCHF and become part of the CCHFamily, click here for more information! Alternatively, if you would like to donate directly and grow our local community of heroes go here.

A cheque was presented to Dr. Ann Watson by Tesco on Tuesday 22nd.


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