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Silver anniversary for first CCHU patient!


In an Olympic year, even CCHU are getting in on the silverware! With the 25th anniversary of the first patient treated at The Unit coming up, the CCHF will be hosting a tea party. This will celebrate the local legacy of this modern, up-to-date, comfortable unit!

25 years! Where does the time go? Prior to 1991, cancer patients from Stoke Mandeville Hospital received their chemotherapy in the wards & outpatients. For cases when treatment could not be performed there, patients had to travel the 21 miles to Oxford for treatment. This is no mean feat for cancer suffers.

So, in the November of that year, a small group of professionals and friends got together to raise money to build a suite where treatment could be given locally with dedicated staff trained in the latest techniques!

In time, the hospital handed over a redundant operating theatre in one of the now long gone original wooden wards. Through their love, care and imagination this was converted into the ‘pink palace’, where the hospital chemotherapy service was started.

This time is remembered with fondness by the staff who worked there and the patients who benefitted from their kindness and expertise.


“The care and consideration that we experienced during his (my husband’s) time receiving treatment made me look into becoming a volunteer. The benefits for me as a volunteer are enormous. I feel privileged to help in such a centre of excellence.”

Ann Cleaver, Volunteer


The unit established the principles of excellence and caring which have continued in the service to this day.

From this small beginning came the building of the stand alone Cancer Care and Haematology Unit which opened in 2001. This now provides the chemotherapy suite, outpatients and a range of other cancer support services.

As with the original suite, all of this comes funded by the generosity of local people and our team of fundraisers!

In order to celebrate the first treatment given in the original Chemotherapy Suite, the trustees of the CCHF and the staff within the CCHU are holding a tea party in the unit on November 23rd, 3-6pm.

All are welcome!

If you interested in coming along to our tea party please contact Dr. Ann Watson at or if you would like to donate or get involved with our fundraising activities go here!

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